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Function with a flourish

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At Aerify, we believe that plants can be more than just a living decoration; that they can improve our well being and health as well as adding natural beauty to our living spaces.



Aerify's growers scour the globe for one of a kind and often undiscovered plant varieties that are scientifically proven air purifiers.


Not only must they convert CO2 into Oxygen to a higher degree but they must also be able to remove harmful particles from the air such as benzene and formaldehyde to name a few.

These exotic and beautiful plant samples are then brought to our earth friendly and pesticide-free greenhouses where we propagate them and bring them to market.


All our plants are fed with recycled rain water and kept healthy through the use of beneficial biological agents

which means no pesticides or other chemical compounds are introduced

into our customers' homes.


We believe in doing things naturally and follow stringent environmental stewardship practices at our state of the art facility, designed to be as green as possible.

100% pesticide free

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Unlike many plants on the market,

our collection is grown with only natural biological agents to ensure no harmful chemicals are introduced to your home.

No Harmful


Many of the plants that are sold in stores are treated with pesticides while they grow to eliminate common insects that feed on the plants. 


This invariably leaves chemical residue on the leaves of these plants which remains well after they are bought. 


At Aerify we use biological control agents to treat our plants naturally to ensure they are healthy and non-toxic.

Biological control refers to the use of predator insects that eat the eggs and larvaes of the pests that affect all living potted plants and flowers, therefore eliminating the need to use pesticides.  

 Predators insects are also called beneficial agents (BA) or biological control agents (BCA) and only feed on specific pests.



Each pest has its own natural enemy and specific predator that we use to control the contingent of undesirable insects.

Banker plants, such as pepper plants, are disseminated throughout our greenhouses, acting as “nests” for the BCA where they can multiply and live. This ensures that no insect, not even the good ones, remain on any of our plants.

Yellow sticky cards and weekly plant inspections help us to monitor insect populations, both good and bad, so we can determine what BCA is necessary and in which quantity.

Having pesticide free greenhouses is good for the plants that thrive best without chemical agents, for the people working there, and for the consumers who can be confident that they are not introducing any pesticides inside their homes.


Monitoring at each stage of plant development allows our growers to detect problems early before they become widespread, so we can
manage problems in a localized way
with the use of bio-controls agents.

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