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A Reptilian Fern

A houseplant with long leaves with dark green veins and a leathery appearance that resembles crocodile skin.

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A leathery plant

that will grab anyone's attention.


Typically found in Southeast Asia and parts of Australia, this fern thrives in humid, tropical environments and is naturally found growing in forests' floor. 


Like many other ferns, this plant is epiphytic in nature. This means that, in its natural habit, the Crocodile fern has the ability to grow attached to trees or even in between rock cracks.


Crocodile fern is a tropical species of plant that is part of the Polypodiaceae family. It belongs to the Microsorum genus, which consists of approximately 50 species found across the world.

The Crocodile fern is an astonishing creation of nature.


Its scale-like crocodile appearance will grab anyone’s attention from a simple glance. 


This fern can make great statement pieces since it can grow up to five feet.

Microsorum musifolium is native to tropical areas of southern Myanmar, Indonesia, Borneo, Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, New Guinea, Thailand, and Australia. It usually grows in very humid and shaded locations.


At first glance, the leaves will look as if they sprout directly from the base of the plant. However, they actually grow from tiny roots known as rhizoids that grow just under the surface that help the plant anchor itself.

A unique creation of nature that resembles crocodile skin.

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