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Tradescantia is fairly easy to care for, and its growth characteristics make it perfect as an indoor vining plant.

Unfortunately, this plant is toxic to pets.

As long as you give a good amount of filtered light and prune regularly, you will enjoy your Tradescantia for many years.

From April to October, the soil should not dry out completely. Keep moist but never wet: water from the bottom, or use a self-watering pot. Let it dry slightly from November to March only. 

An East or West-facing window would be ideal. Provide very early or very late sun only. Keep away from direct sunlight. Exposure to at least six hours daily is best.

Choose a well-draining peat-based potting mix.

Mix 2 parts peat with 1 part perlite. Repot once a year to give more space for the roots to grow. Select a pot that is 1-2″ wider than the current one. 

Keep Tradescantia between 65 and 75 °F (18-24 °C) during the day. At night, a temperature of 65 °F (18°C) is ideal. Protect the plant from drafts and dramatic changes in temperature. Keep the environment humid.


Feed every two months from April to October only. Use a liquid plant fertilizer 20-5-10. Fertilizer is not required from November to March. 

Tradescantia will grow fast when temperatures are warm – as much as an inch a week in the growing season if its care requirements are being met. Its natural tendency is to "vine" and spread out, so you will need to prune regularly to keep it tidy. Remember that pruned stems can be used to propagate new plants!

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