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Easy to care for, this exotic fern will need plenty of water and humidity to thrive.


Yellowish or brown pigmentation on the leaves is almost always a warning sign that something is wrong.


Periodic pruning will promote the healthy growth of the plant.


Make sure that your fern is not in direct light as it can scorch and damage the foliage of the plant. A Crocodile Fern will also do quite well in lower lighting conditions. 

Choose a well-draining soil that contains peat moss and perlite. Make sure to use a pot that gives the roots enough room to grow.

The ideal temperatures for this fern to thrive are in ranges between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Colder temperatures might cause the Crocodile fern's growth to slow down.


The Crocodile Fern will need a humid environment in order to thrive. Use a pebble tray or invest in a humidifier. Crispy brown tips are a sign that your plant isn’t getting enough humidity.

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