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A Voracious Grower.

A beautiful tricolor variety, easy to care for and propagate. 

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To all of our customers: we wrongly advertised this plant as Tradescantia Fluminensis Tricolor "Nanouk", while the right denomination is Tradescantia Blossfeldiana cerinthoides variegata "Bubblegum/Lilac”. 


Unfortunately, we were given the wrong name by our supplier and we made the mistake to trust it and not look into it more accurately. We are deeply sorry about it, and we take full responsibility.


We promptly modified the name that appears on the tags coming with the plant in stores – please allow some time for them to change due to printing times.


Everyone makes mistakes – we are human, after all! – what's important is to always learn from them. We will make sure to check into the names of our plants more carefully from now on.

Thank you for your understanding!


A succulent that

evokes the hues

of an aurora borealis.



Native to South America, this rare and colorful succulent is a perennial herbaceous plant with trailing or creeping stems.


Its shiny, variegated, and slightly fleshy leaves are oval, with pointed tips.

Our variety has strong shades of pink and purple and fuller branches than other types, that provide a more robust plant.

Tradescantia Blossfeldiana cerinthoides variegata "Bubblegum"/“Lilac” is native to Brazil and Northern Argentina.


It is an evergreen trailing plant and a rapid grower.


It can be easily grown indoors in pots, baskets or along shelves. 

Tradescantia can be easily propagated by stem cuttings.

This succulent will add a beautiful splash of color to your home, without worrying about a loss of blooms.

Dazzling and dramatic leaves that provide

nonstop color.

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