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Rare And Exotic.

A tropical sight in your living room,

with magnificent bright green leaves.

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An extremely rare plant

with cabbage-like leaves.

A striking asset to your home.


Native to the exotic island of Hawaii, this plant is today one of the rarest ones on the planet, with only seven specimens left in the wild, isolated on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.


Its rarity is due to the fact that the only insect recognized as the pollinator of this plant (a particular species of moth) is now extinct, as a result of the arrival of humans on Hawaii and the destruction of its natural habitat.


A number of scientists and volunteers are actively occupied with its conservation.

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Brighamia insignis is the scientific name for the Hawaiian Palm.

We decided to add this plant to our collection to help preserve its conservation.

The Hawaiian Palm is highly effective at cleaning the air from toxins like benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.


It is a pet-safe plant, and iproduces fragrant flowers, that start white and mature to sunshine-yellow.


In the Hawaiian culture, this plant is used in weddings to bring good luck to the couple. 

The tropical touch

your home decor is missing.

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