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All The Ways Plants Are Good For Your Health And Happiness

There are several reasons why houseplants are more than just decoration.

Adding greenery to your home is nothing but good for your life quality. Let's find out why!

1. Your home will look more lively and tidy

An indoor jungle will add life and joy to your house.

Plants can create a pleasant, soothing vibe and improve the perception of your home place. Your house will feel warmer, and you will start feeling more comfortable and connected to your space.

2. The air will be cleaner

Adding a Crispy Wave to your plant family will dramatically improve the quality of the air in your apartment. The waviness of the Crispy Wave's fronds allows the plant to produce oxygen to a higher degree.

3. Your health will improve

Houseplants can reduce coughs by up to 37 percent, and lower tiredness by up to 30 percent. Indoor plants can also help with dizziness, nasal congestion, headaches, and skin symptoms.

For example, Crispy Wave can filter harmful particles such as benzene and formaldehyde, substances causing headaches, fatigue, sickness, and allergies.

4. Your productivity will increase

Indoor plants can boost your concentration!

Research has shown that employees are more productive, more attentive and less stressed when indoor plants are included in their workplace.

5. You will fight stress better

Surrounding yourself with plants will cause a calming effect on your mind and emotions.

This happens because there is a connection in our minds between plants and taking a break in nature, which generates a positive influence.

6. You will feel happier

Taking care of houseplants is a calming ritual that can give you a purpose: there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your plant that grows and thrives.

7. The humidity in your home will rise

A higher humidity level in your home can help with dry skin problems, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs.

Plants let go more than 90 percent of the water they take in, in the form of moisture vapor, through a process called transpiration. Place several plants in your room, and your overall health will improve!

8. You will heal quicker

When you bring a sick friend some flowers or a plant, you’re doing more than you think.

Plants are natural antidepressants: they help us focus on the positive, an essential part of any recovery.

Studies have shown that we recover from illness and injury faster when there are plants in the room.

9. Your eyes will feel less tired

When your eyes are irritated or tired, maybe after several hours in front of a screen, try to look at your plants. You will feel better!

10. You will be more inspired

If you are seeking for some inspiration, some plants may help you out!

Being surrounded by green leaves and colorful flowers can boost your creativity, and give you new ideas.

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