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Beautiful Ferns You Can Grow In Your House

Ferns are well-loved for their tropical beauty, their easy-going nature which makes them relatively easy to grow even for beginners, and their ability to thrive in all sorts of environments. If you want to add ferns to your home, consider the following 5 beautiful suggestions!

1. Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Ferns have a beautiful, silver-blue coloring that makes them a favorite among fern-lovers who want something beyond the standard green ferns that are so popular among homeowners.

Japanese painted ferns need bright but not direct sunlight for most of the day; they do best when planted inside longer, trough planters which give them room to spread and thrive.

2. Compact Sprenger Asparagus Fern

The Compact Sprenger Asparagus Fern is an ideal fern for anyone new to growing indoor plants or new to growing ferns in general.

This particular fern features vivid green leaves with plenty of small segments. It grows best when placed in a sunny but not overly hot window.

It does require lots of humidity, so it must be watered frequently and misted a few times a week to keep it moist.

3. Regal Red Japanese Painted Fern

The Regal Red Japanese Painted Fern is one of the most beautiful ferns you can grow indoors, although it takes plenty of patience to see this particular fern thrive.

The striking silver-blue and dark purple coloring will definitely make for an excellent statement piece in your home.

They do require plenty of hard work to help them thrive, including lots of humidity, evenly moist soil, and a bright but not overly hot window exposed to indirect sunlight. The effort is well worth the results.

4. Holly Fern

Holly Fern has dark green leaves with a shiny texture that will add lots of color and brightness to any home.

To avoid overheating, it should be removed from direct sunlight during the afternoon hours, or you may notice brown ridges on the edges of the leaves.

Holly Ferns are fairly hardy and they can withstand colder and drier air when compared to other ferns that need warm, humid temperatures constantly.

5. Lemon Button Fern

Lemon Button Ferns are a perfect choice for beginners who are new to growing ferns. They have distinct leaves with a golden-green color and arching stems; when the leaves are crushed, they released a lemon fragrance.

Lemon button ferns require lots of humidity and moisture to keep them thriving, so they should be watered regularly and misted at least once or twice a week for best results.

Bonus: Japanese Asplenium Nidus Fern

Also called Crispy Wave, this fern is a great addition to your living space thanks to its pleasing color and unique structure.

Moreover, Crispy Wave can provide health benefits as a natural air purifier, transforming CO2 into oxygen more effectively than most plants, and removing harmful particles from the air such as formaldehyde.

Thanks to its hardiness, and adaptability, Crispy Wave can keep the air clean for a very long time, and outlive almost any other potted plant.

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