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Beautiful Plants For The Bathroom

As a plant lover, you naturally want as many plants as possible inside your home. One of the most effective and surprising places for indoor plants is the bathroom. If you are looking for beautiful plants for your bathroom, consider the following options.

Beautiful Plants for the bathroom

What Makes a Good “Bathroom Plant”?

First, take note of what makes a good “bathroom plant.” You will want to find plants that do well with humidity or require moderate humidity and plants that can do well with medium to low light. The following are plants that can thrive in humid locations, such as the bathroom where showers and baths bring moisture to the air.

Crispy Wave

Crispy Wave has distinctive, tall wavy leaves that have a slightly crinkled (or "crispy") appearance.

Crispy Wave requires a humid environment in order to thrive, so they are ideal for bathroom spaces.


Pilea, or the Pass It On Plant, is a compact plant with vibrant green leaves.

The large, round green leaves cheer up any space, and since the plant does well with humidity, it can thrive on a bathroom shelf.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is a low maintenance plant that is ideal for a warm, humid environment such as the bathroom.

This plant requires very little maintenance, and can be shaped into unique growing patterns if you have the time and patience.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus is a beautiful flowering plant that features dark green leaves contrasted with bright red flowers.

This plant flowers in the winter, so many people use it to brighten up their homes during the colder months.

This plant needs moderate to high humidity to thrive, so it makes for a perfect beautiful bathroom plant.

In case your bathroom doesn't have much room, you can opt for the miniature variety of this plant.


Anthurium plants need at least a moderate amount of humidity, so they do very well in a bathroom setting.

They can do well with low light, which means they are perfect for setting in a vase on the bathroom sink or tucked into a high bathroom window.

The plant features dark green leaves and very bright red or red-orange flowers.

In case your bathroom doesn't have much room, you can opt for the miniature variety of this plant.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are a popular and very distinct flowering plant which is ideal for humid environments.

It's also fairly low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for a bathroom space where you won't want to fuss too much with your plants every day.

Note: Peace lilies are highly toxic to dogs and cats, so avoid this plant if you have animals.


If you're looking for a stunning flowering plant to add to your bathroom space, you'll want to consider Cyclamen.

Cyclamen features variations of pink, white and red flowers with dark green leaves.

This plant requires a humid environment to thrive - but make sure to keep this one in a cooler spot in the bathroom, since the flowers may wilt under high heat.

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