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Crispy Wave Repotting Guide: Why, When And How

Whether you decide to repot your Crispy Wave for aesthetic, practical, or health reasons, it's important that you do it the right way to avoid problems. The following guide will help you understand why and when you should replant your Crispy Wave, and how to do it properly.

Crispy Wave Repotting Guide: Why, When And How

Why And When Crispy Wave Needs to Be Repotted

  • The roots are overcrowded in their current space and need to be given a larger pot. Depending on how fast your Crispy Wave will grow, the roots will expand and require more space to grow.

  • Your plant has problems related to root disease or mold. Crispy Wave may be subject to root problems, such as root rot or mold, and repotting can help the plant to recover from these types of troubles.

  • The plant has been in the same pot for more than a year. Crispy Wave should be regularly repotted every year. This allows the plant to get fresh soil, and it also allows the roots the chance to expand and grow inside a new space.

  • You want your plant to have a new look. In some cases, you may want to repot your plant for aesthetic reasons, such as giving it a new planter that matches your home’s new decor or interior style.

How to Repot Crispy Wave

In order to repot your plant, you will need all purpose or tropical soil mixture, sharp gardening scissors, and something to protect your floor, such as a newspaper or an old sheet.

Choose the right container

It is important to use the right pot or planter, or the plant may experience stunted growth. The new container should be about 2” bigger than the current pot; make sure you choose one with drainage holes since planters without drainage holes can increase the risk of root rot.

Lay down your protective sheet

Find the spot in your home where you will be placing the new pot; whether this is the same location as the old pot or somewhere new, remember to protect this area from stray dirt and debris. This is where the old sheet or newspaper comes into play. Lay down the sheet or the newspaper around the area where you will be working so that dirt does not get onto your floor.

Fill up your new pot and extract the plant

Take your new pot and fill it with fresh potting soil until it is about 1/3 full. Then, take your old pot and begin to extract the plant. This should be done carefully: you don't want to rip or tear at any healthy roots. You can usually help Crispy Wave ease out of its existing pot by gently shaking it, which will loosen the roots and allow you to pull the plant up. Keep working above the sheet or newspaper that you placed down earlier so that dirt doesn’t get on the floor.

Trim roots if necessary

Before you repot the plant into the new pot, you should take a look at the root system. If you notice any roots which look mushy, dead, limp, excessively long, or otherwise unhealthy, you will need to trim them with your garden scissors. Remember to wipe off your garden scissors with rubbing alcohol in between each cut; this will eliminate any disease-causing bacteria on the blades which could otherwise spread to the healthy roots as you trim.

Place Crispy Wave in the new pot

Now, take your trimmed plant and place it inside the new pot as gently as possible. Fill up the pot with the potting soil and gently tamp down around the roots. You'll want to leave about 1 inch in between the rim of the pot and the dirt inside, at least for now, as this will help avoid any water seepage early on.

Water your plant

The final step is to water your Crispy Wave to help the roots and the new soil intermingle and ensure the roots receive enough moisture from the new soil. Let the plant sit in a few inches of water for about 30 minutes or so until the soil has absorbed enough liquid to stop leaking. Then place your newly repotted plant on a saucer or tray.

Clean up the old sheet or newspaper, throw away any leaf or dirt debris, and dispose of the old pot. If the pot is still in good condition, clean it thoroughly, let it dry in the sun, and

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Sylvia M B
Sylvia M B
Jan 28

I purchased a Crispy Wave at a local grocery store because it called to me. It sounds cheesy but I loved the look of this beautiful fern and reminded me of bacon because of how the leaves look. Now learning what and what NOT to do for these, I'm ready to maybe get another one. I'd like to have one in the bedroom and another in the living room.

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