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Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs

As a pet owner, it is important to only choose plants for your home that are non-toxic for your pets. The following houseplants are safe for cats and dogs and are therefore ideal for pet owners.

 Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs

African Violets


African Violets are flowering houseplants that can thrive in typical indoor conditions, with low light and average temperatures.

For best results, plant them with a soil-free potting mix and a balanced ratio fertilizer.

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides is an easy-to-care plant famous for giving birth to lots of babies to propagate and share with friends.

This tropical plant likes bright indirect light and can easily suffer from overwatering.

Venus Fly Trap

(Dionaea muscipula)

Venus Fly Traps are a unique carnivorous plant that does best with bright light and frequent irrigation using distilled water.

Venus Fly Traps are non-toxic to both cats and dogs, and won't harm your pets if they attempt to ingest one.


(Sinningia speciosa)

Gloxinia plants have a distinct appearance, which makes them popular as gifts, especially between spouses.

They have vibrant blooming flowers that do well under indirect light and frequent moisture, making it possible for them to thrive in most indoor conditions.


Calathea plants are highly popular among homeowners, thanks to their unique leaves, which feature stripe or stippled patterns.

Calathea plants do well in shadier areas of the home, since direct light may wash out the patterns on their leaves.



Bromeliad plants are ideal for homeowners who don't want a plant that requires lots of care; they thrive with bright light and humidity.

They are non-toxic to animals and can even be grown using soil-free methods, which is perfect for pet owners who want to avoid a cat or dog digging in the dirt.

Purple Waffle Plant

(Hemigraphis alternata)

The Purple Waffle Plant has purple and green leaves with a texture that has earned it the name.

It grows best in bright indirect light and is notable for being excellent at purifying the air in the home.

Crispy Wave

(Japanese asplenium nidus fern)

Native to Southeast Asia, Crispy Wave thrives in warmth and humidity.

Bright indirect light and temperature around 70 °F are optimum for growing it indoors.

This beautifully sculpted Japanese fern removes harmful particles from the air, such as formaldehyde, and transforms CO2 into oxygen more effectively than most houseplants.

Asparagus Fern

(Asparagus aethiopicus)

The Asparagus Fern has large, vibrant green leaves that make it a popular choice for homeowners.

This plant grows well with rich soil, average watering, and some filtered light.

It can be grown along in pots, but it also does well with companion plants.

Baby Tears

(Soleirolia soleirolii)

Baby Tears plants have tiny green leaves that make them commonly used as a companion plant, although they can be planted in baskets on their own.

Pet owners sometimes use this plant as a way to hide soil in other houseplants.

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