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The Best Plants For Your Office Desk

If you are considering placing a plant on your desk, go ahead: plants can improve your productivity while adding aesthetic appeal to your office space. The following are some of the best plants for your office desk, ideal for growing indoors, and in-office conditions.

The Best Plants For Your Office Desk

Crispy Wave

Crispy wave plants have a bright green color and a distinct, wavy leaved appearance.

They are ideal for office desks due to their compact size and vivid leaves.

African Violet

African Violets are highly popular in office spaces due to their small size and their ability to thrive even without too much natural sunlight.

These colorful plants will add that touch of color your office desk is missing.


Aloe plants are small, compact, and incredibly hardy.

This makes them ideal for office spaces since they don't require excessive maintenance and can thrive in many different environments. In case your desk is running out of space, you can even opt for a miniature variety.

Air Plants

Air plants can be grown without soil and can be placed in a variety of items, including teacups and even shells.

This makes them an exceptional office plant as they can be used to provide a unique accent to your work desk.

Mini Succulents

Mini succulents are small-sized plants that require relatively little care and which thrive in fairly hardy conditions.

Some succulents are flowering, which will add a splash of color to any office.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a vibrant strain that can be grown straight or shaped into designs such as spirals and hearts.

This plant does not require much light or care and can be grown into water instead of soil, which is why it can easily thrive in an office.

English Ivy

English Ivy has distinctive dark green leaves with lighter green markings and can add plenty of vibrancy and softness to any office room.

This plant only requires an average amount of light and standard watering.

Since English Ivy is a vining plant, you may want to hang it next to your office desk or place it on a closeby shelf.

Venus Fly Trap

If you are looking for something very unique for your office, then a Venus Fly Trap is an excellent option.

This funny plant requires a few hours of direct sunlight a day so that it would do best in an office with a window.

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